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  • Money Maths

    Figure it out! In Bali, Indonesia, we used Rupiah and US dollars. $1 of NZ money bought 6,300 Rupiah! Check out some of the things we bought and work out how much each thing cost in NZ dollars. Click here to enter the challenge

  • Stinky Zebras

      Why would Zebras want to be stinky? Why would Zebra's roll in Hippo Poo so that they stink?  For every good point/reason made, score 3 points. 

  • 2. June 13th

          >>>>Welcome to your eClassroom! >>>>>Thursday 13th June 2013 Today, we prepare to build our NZ w...

  • Earn with quizzes!

    Earn 'Research Euros'! Go to the QUIZ ZONE to find research quizzes.   Starting Income 10 Euros Do the TRAVEL QUIZZES designed by Learn...