Gussie @ Wainuioru

About me

Hi my name is gussie I am 10 years old I go to Wainuioru school and I am a year 6. I have two brothers one is Hugo and he is also on learn now and the other one is jock and he is 7. My mums name is Philly and my dads name is Ferg.                                                                 

I like to ride motorbikes and I am getting one soon. My favourite food is chocolate and I like most things chocolate flavoured. I have a black lab called tomo and I get a lamb every year. I also once had a wild rabbit for a night.                                                                 

I have never been out of New Zealand and I have been on a plane four times. My friends are pip Tayla Victoria and Livy. I like to hang out with them on the weekends.           

See you on learn nowsmiley