Term 2: 2019

Here's the message your parents got about Term 2...

80 days Unlike last term, this one’s a full 10 week extension and enrichment programme, following the 7 weeks of time had together, last term. In Term1, classroom teachers and students scored the first weeks to themselves - to settle into their year. This term, we dive in, as of the first Friday of term. 

The Learn-Now programme for Term 2, is lining up to dig even deeper into our Youth Enterprise programme with the Mini Market (date TBC) and so too our Digital & Global Citizenship programme. With the latter, there’s an ‘Actual Reality’ penpal and ‘Travelling Mascot’ partnership with the USA and France evolving - with more countries in the pipeline also. This all runs alongside a Virtual ‘Round the World in 80 days’ Field Trip, where the students design their own discovery-based programme according to the level of curiosity they have - or can be tempted by. 

Leadership programming, service and event management work goes to another level and just how they’re going to make an impact, or contribute locally or globally, will be on their radar as well… All up, a packed term! It’s a mix of ever evolving immersive, facilitated, self-directed and ‘student-influenced’ learning throughout.

Many thanks in advance for your support!


Disneypic.pngBut wait! There's more!

...already, after just half a Learn-Now session underway, the 'student-influenced' learning reality we have, has the following underway already!

  1. Plans for a fashion show, with a Disney Theme (Hannah B & Ruby)
  2. Reigns Off SDL (Student directed learning) Discovery time...
  3. Bankaroo begins! This is the online 'financial literacy' programme...



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Team Solway 2019

Team Solway 2019

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