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  • Sharing our learning challenge

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    When I visited you last week I learned that lots of you really enjoy Minecraft.    So I wondered whether some of you could get together and figure out how to create a virtual cave tour.    Visitors could travel through a...
  • Things to do

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    View the menu (left) to access some starting points for you. But know this, we're just starting you out with ideas - the big idea is that you figure out what you can do. We're not here to spoon-feed you, just sow a few ideas and leave to it! With as...
  • Science Experiments!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    While you need to record the life you have with the experiments in a discussion with Christine, please keep the Holiday Programme informed with what you achieve and you get on!
  • Your Reward Spreadsheet Needs.

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Create a spreadsheet to collect the points you earn throughout this Holiday Programme.   These are the things you'll need to sort out, to collect and present your Holiday Reward...
  • YouTube Movies

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    This is where you can embed the clips that you'd like to share.
  • Operation Christmas Child 2012

    Last updated by Jo Gibson Comments (15)
    Listen to this, then please answer the questions below.
  • Benchmark Rewards!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    The Bank of Perfect CentsLaunches Benchmark Rewards! Motivation Agent J.G announced the new Benchmark Reward programme after a review at Solway School.  She decided that more immediate gratification was due, for the hard work seen unfolding in...
  • Challenge Central

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
      Use the list on your left to find each challenge. There will be challenges that will have one answer and it'll be over when the first person gets it right!  just require you to reply or give your opinion.  need...
  • Hi! I'm Rangi. Check me out!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    I'm pumped! I'm currently off to the A N T A R C T I C A! Discover my mission! I'm flying courtesy of LEARNZ, with Shelley. Meet Shelley.
  • Sneaky Peeks

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    What's are Sneaky Peeks? Advanced peeks into an idea, possibilities we're looking into, advanced warnings or even something being planned that are simply......

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