Visitors Centre

Visitors Centre

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 6

Brief description: A guide to Learn-Now - how it ticks; how it unfolds; what's popular and what's achieveable.


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Welcome to the guide that aims to introduce the Learn-Now programme and how it's designed to tick and evolve... This Frontup4Impact site is Learn-Now's eSchool. Each sub-site within is its lounge or eClassroom... or in this case, your Visitor Centre.

  • What's done in Learn-Now?
  • What's with 'Frontup4Impact'?
  • How's it all technically enabled?


Key Attributes of Learn-Now Programmes

__Extension/Enrichment  __Thinking Strategies __ Literacy Strategies __ Passions Explored  
Extension-icon Thinking-icon.png English-icon.png Passions-icon.png  
 ___Lessons with Tutors ___ Global Horizons ___ Service Work ___  Enterprise  
Live Meetings-icon.png Global-icon.png Volunteer-icon.png Business enterprise-icon.png  
__ Online Etiquette Collabor8ing _ After school Tuition __ Inquiry Focused  
Social networking-icon.png Interschool-icon.png Afterschool-icon.png Inquiry-icon.png  


...and  much more.
The more extensive the enrolment, the greater the coverage.

Strategically Implemented By All...

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Students front up to make an impact and/or be impacted by their experience with Learn-Now. We strategically weave them through their visions and ideas (or those of their parents or school) so that they too develop goals and plan an outcome.

The secret of their success, lies in having an authentic audience with whom they work for, or collaborate with. Their learning is social - with other students, whether or not they enrol as a single student, or group, from home or from school.


Who's been enrolled in Learn-Now?

First established in 2002, the following students have been part of Learn-Now for the following edges:


Smile Youth enterprise enthusiasts

Smile Homeschoolers - by choice or withdrawn

Smile Expats far from home e.g missionaries

Smile Extension groups or individuals in schools

Smile International and national project partners

Smile Maths extension and/or English tuition

Smile Learners of other languages e.g Spanish

Smile Afterschool and holiday programmers


Join us...

3d world - open door.jpgWe invite home and school partnerships for both long and short-term involvement, to join the fun.  Parents & teachers, we first need to about what you'd like to adopt and how that will look in terms of your access and time.

Keen? Please register your Expression of Interest
Many Thanks, Jo Gibson: Director (B.Ed, Dip Tchg, NZ) and team
Ph: ++64 6 378 7000 / 027 686 0140


Packages & Fees

We're a private enterprise run entirely by a fee payers. Fees cover access to several tutors, 2-3 registered teachers, website tools, subscriptions and access, stationery, project costs eg: youth enterprise work, certificates, incentive rewards and general wages/contractor costs.

View our fees as GUIDES ONLY, as we offer customised quotes according to the time made possible for your students. View our Packages and Fees here.


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