Team St Patricks

Team St Patricks

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 40


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Who's Team St Pats?

Team St Pats represents the entire Y5 team at St Patrick's School in Masterton. As a school, they're keen to see what's possible in terms of adopting an elearning edge... Using surplus staffing on hand, they have adopted Learn-Now as a way to see kids tune in and unpack a blended learning programme. Choosing Year 5s, means that next year, (to quote the principal) 'the knowledge they learn stays in school ... and can be developed'.

The Body

Every Tuesday, we rock up to St Pats and run a rotation of groups throughout the day, amounting to 14 students per group. Asked to adopt Term 3's school-wide topic The Body, the team is now on a journey 'creating a Virtual Field Trip through the body'. Each student has chosen their own study and everything from 'Thyroid Glands' to 'The Body & Rugby' is evolving...

Staff PLD Release

Enroute, staff throughout the school from Y1-6 are released to observe the programme in action and the hype and feedback has seriously hyped the kids, with the staff themselves considering their where-to-next in class.

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Brief description: This site is the 'eClassroom' for the 43 Year 5 students at St Patrick's School, Masterton. It's where they find their WALTs, engage in discussions and participate in each other's projects, etc.

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The Virtual Tour! Boarding now...

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Welcome to the last week with Learn-Now!

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