Mini Market

Mini Market

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 131

Brief description: A Youth Enterprise project. This is the market development site.


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Ladybug.jpgBack by popular demand, is the Mini Market!

Cool When, this term or next could it be done?

Laughing Why should it be done?

Cool Who should do what and where?

Laughing How could it be organised?

Cool How shall we handle the cost, float and profit?

The 2019 & 2020 Mini Market

The Solway 2019 Mini Market is over!

Advice and Guidance for 2020 is HERE!

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Solway Primary Mini Market 2019

Team Solway.jpgWhy do a Mini Market?

What do you like about the Mini Markets?

How would you like to contribute to one?

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Mini Market Slides


Mini Market

Communication Presentation

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Mini Market Culture

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$422.20           $1,204.60

Wainuioru made $422.20 profit in the last market.

There were just on 100 people who came.

Solway Primary made $1,206.40 profit at theirs...

There were just on 340 people who came.

There seems to be a real 'Mini Market Culture' developing.
What's the big deal? Why is it so exciting? ANSWER HERE

This is 5 years ago - can you spot a Y6 Learn-Now 2019 kid?

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Profit made: $917.40 after expenses and after the float of $19.50 for each stall was deducted.
That's huge!  Mini Markets at Solway Primary really are getting more and more popular. Three years on, the same market is making a whole 33% more. We'll discover why during our programme. But back then, check out the comments after that particular mini market.

View who-said-what in the discussion forums after.

  1. What shall we do with the $917.40?
  2. What should we keep for the next market?
  3. What should we do differently?
  4. New ideas for next year.