Global Horizons

Global Horizons

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 44

Brief description: This is where we'll bring the world to our classroom and take our classroom 'out there' in return!

What's Global Horizons?

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3d world - travellers.jpgGLOBAL HORIZONS

Cool's where you tune in the world around you.

Frontup4Impact needs YOU.

The world needs YOU!

YOU need it!

It's here making its impact on YOU,

but what kind of an impact are

YOU going to have on it?


Use this site to explore this focus and take part with all that's here, when possible. If you're locally, nationally or internationally focused, you're making a great start in being a 'Global Citizen'...

Fascinating stuff...

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It's local, it's national, it's international and it's real. Dive under each location and be interested!
The real point though, is figuring out 'what's the point of learning this stuff'?  Help build this too!




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Masterton used to be called Adamsville! Read more

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LOCAL snippet HERE.

NZ has the world's heaviest insect.
It's true! It's the weta. See them

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There's a country with no farms. Believe it! It's Singapore. See it.

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