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Who's Driving This?

Authentic Encounters Online (AEO) Ltd, Masterton
...established in 2006, is the force behind FrontUp4Impact - the new consolidated focus of Learn-Now. AEO Ltd engages in both consultative and hands on work for schools and small businesses. Learn-Now, established in 2002, is the over-arching online learning community for student extension, enrichment and tuition for ages 7-13, of all abilities. At its heart lies registered teacher facilitation and moderation of student centred learning - the core teaching and learning focus.

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ELLINZ Online - for refugees and migrants.
AEO Ltd is also currently involved in one of the latest MOE intiatives, ELLINZ Online -
est 2009. ELLINZ online is an online intervention teaching and learning programme for Y7-13 migrants and refugees, who have little or no specialist ESOL support in school. AEO supports it with the hat of an 'ePrincipal' in the fields of eLearning, general operations and instructional design. It supports with a hands-on capacity, recruiting and empowering educators to teach online, and enables students to participate in associated course material for up to two years.

Ministry of Education partnerships...
Learn-Now has had a close relationship with the Ministry of Education NZ, over the past 10 years, with strong backing by two MoE research projects and contractual work. Learn-Now scored itself the NZ-Australian DEANZ Award in 2006 for Excellence in Distance, Open, Flexible eLearning.  Prior to its connection with the MoE, it has partnered with The Correspondence School (2001-3) and Core Education (2004).  It has featured in several ERO reports with positive regard...

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3d suite of students.jpg The (NZ) National Plan for eLearning in Primary Schools...
Learn-Now has had a close association with the development of the VLN (Virtual Learning Network) since 2001 - the network fostering live lessons to students between primary and secondary schools in NZ. Two years ago, we were contracted to develop the National Plan for eLearning in Primary Schools (on the VLN). Learn-Now has since been granted this platform by the NZ Ministry of Education to pilot its use with students in the primary sector and to develop the protocols as we watch and interact with the students.

What prompted Learn-Now to start?

The door was opened in 2002, when a principal of a rural school was unable to employ an extenion teacher. Having seen this programme at a Principals' Conference, he employed its services for a day per week, paying a FTE0.2 teaching salary in return. Learn-Now then grew to provide extension programmes for his cluster of schools and as word of mouth evolved, parents approached us for afterschool tuition. We've not looked back! Have just had to partially go on hold at times to do justice to other MoE contract work... or extend programming out to tutors seeking students to teach Spanish, Mandarin, Science and Maths to.

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Join us!

We invite partnerships with both long and short-term involvement to join the fun! Parents, let's chat first about what you'd like to adopt and we'll form a proposal from there, for you. Teachers, if you're joining with full class groups, we'll enrol your team on your behalf. But first, let's also chat about what you'd like to adopt and how that will look in terms of fees.

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Many Thanks, Jo Gibson
Director / Programme Coordinator (B.Ed, Dip Tchg)
Ph: ++64 6 378 7000 / 027 686 0140

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