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  • I was asked recently to be a guest blogger for Ethos Consultancy. Not really being much of a blogger, I was surprised at the invite!  Yet, in saying that, I really do enjoy recording updates of where things are at with the programme and in particular with how Learn-Now students are tuning into what's up for grabs. I was hugely enthused to hear of a few blogs that sparked some interest. So, reinspired, today saw another update. It's more like a quarterly update than a true blog, but was had!  It was a delight to share the latest...

    Cool Read the latest blog via AEO Ltd

    Socialising the learning.

    For more, scroll though *AEO's actual blog site to read more 'quarterly updates'.

    *AEO: Authentic Encounters Online Ltd: home of Learn-Now - one of several AEO's projects.

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