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    By Euan@Solway Comments (2)
    hi im euan for those who dont know me(which i think evrey body does)
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    July Building...

    By Lucy
    Sorry about the long gap from my last post! Power continues to go off every 12 hours and we have a full house of visitors so the computers are in high demand! We have had a really busy July as the NZ builder and his wife arrived to help us put up...
  • Socialising the learning

    By Jo Gibson
    I was asked recently to be a guest blogger for Ethos Consultancy. Not really being much of a blogger, I was surprised at the invite!  Yet, in saying that, I really do enjoy recording updates of where things are at with the programme and in...
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    learn-now by olivia

    By Olivia may
    learn now so far has been great! i like writing in our diarys and learning about lucy and anthony in uganda.I like talking on the wire to my other friends.
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    Learn-Now by Naomi-Rose

    By Naomi Rose@Solway
    In the last few weeks we have been on Front up 4impact and seeing how it works and joining new groups. And adding people to be our friends. We have been reading Lucys blogs about Uganda in action and whats happen there, and about what Anthoney is...
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    By Kitty Comments (1)
    hi my name is kitty. this morning I created a voki. I didn't even know what a voki was until I saw Lucy Wards one. @ LEARN -NOW is been real cool!!  
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    Introducing Sam...

    By Lucy
    Well a quick catch up before I head out to say goodbye to my good friend Cosi... This last weekend, I found out my German friend was leaving four months earlier than I was expecting! So we have been hanging out as much as possible and jamming in...

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