Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

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atoms electrons orbiting  negative positive absorbs
electroscope static metallic conductor conductive negative
positive balance prohibited electricity Repel  



  • Grace @ Wainuioru

    Negative: bad or progress in a decrease.

    Sentence: That's a very Negative answer.

    Electrical Engineering: There is a Negative pulse in things like metal, copper wire and aluminum.

  • Grace @ Wainuioru


    Don't copy the ones above

  • Sophie

    Positive-the opposite of negative 

  • Emiley

    Electroscope: A thing that gatters eletrisity

  • Sima

     Atom: The smallest particle of a substance.

    Electron: A very small particle of matter that has a negative charge of electricity and that travels around the nucleus of an atom.

    Electricity: A form of energy that is carried through wires and is used to operate machines, lights, etc.

    Orbit: To travel around. Example: Electrons orbit around the nucleus of an atom

    Negative: Having more electrons than protons

    Positive: Having more protons than electrons

    Balance: In electricity, balance means equality between the number of negative and positive species.

    Electroscope: Measuring instrument that detects electric charge

    Static electricity: The build-up of an electric charge on the surface of an object. The charge remains in one area rather than flowing to another area

    Conductor: A material that allows the free flow of electric charge. like: copper, aluminum, steel and other metallic materials. 

    Insulator: Any material that does not allow electric current to pass through it. like: cloth, wood, rubber, plastic, glass.


    Absorption: Regarding electricity, it means attraction 

    Repel: opposite of absorption, keeping away from each other.