Travel to South East Asia!

Travel to South East Asia!

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Adopt Tourism

as your Virtual Field Trip project

Map There's a tonne of fun with this project!

  1. Earn VIRTUAL CASH as a Virtual Travel Photo Journalist. Be a 'journalist' who virtually travels to Vietnam and Cambodia, blogs about it, links us to insights and scores virtual cash for every single bit of detail and insight you write about. Then, use that virtual cash to buy yourself a tour and some South East Asian food to also write about - and duly earn more VCs!
  2. Follow Ingrid and our Virtual Travel Photo Journalist as a Virtual Tourist. Blog about what you learn on your virtual journey. You too can earn VCs for your detail! They'll be cashed in for real dollars Learn-Now will sponsor you, to spend on Operation Christmas Child gifts!

Project partners wanted! This is something you'd love to join?

If you're keen, tell us below about what part of this project you'd like to adopt.

If you're wanting to be a Virtual Travel Photo Journalist, tell us a little about Cambodia and Vietnam below.

If you're wanting to be the Virtual Tourist, what would you like to buy with your 'real dollars'.


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