Adopt an Orangutan

Adopt an Orangutan

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Operation Orangutan

with Katelyn, St Patrick's School.


Katelyn, a Y5 student from St Patrick's School is seriously into 'Saving the Orangutans' and has adopted two of them (for $120 each, each year). In fact, she coordinated the adoption of a 3rd orangutan as a KidzConference project also! Several families sponsored some money, which was enough to adopt the 3rd one! The KidzConference kids even voted on which one to have adopted.

In this project, you can:

* Join a KidzClub and learn more about Orangutans

* Follow the sponsored Orangutans Katelyn's got for us.

* Learn heaps about deforestation and palm oil products.

* Get stuck into online debates and discussions.

For now, why the big deal about 'Saving the Orangutans'?  Write what you know (below) and tell us if this project is one that you're taking on - and explain why. We'd loooove to hear!



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