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Grow seedings to give away!

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Get Sowing 'n Growing!

with a Community Support Project with: Te Hauora


VegeGrowing There's a team of people (with Jo) from The Lighthouse Church who run Money Management Courses for anyone and everyone...

Recently, they've been running courses for a team of people at Te Hauora who hardly have any money at all, to spend each week. Maybe $20.00 - $65.00 at best?

Some of these low-income families desperately want vege gardens, but don't have what it takes to get them started. Grants have come through to build raised vege gardens, but how do the families afford the seeds or seedlings?

An idea was put to the Wainuioru Learn-Now kids: "Would you like to grow some seedlings to provide as a start-up kit for these new gardens?" They've agreed to!

Shall we make that two schools?

Solway and Wainuioru?

If this project sounds like something you'll take on - tell us (below) how you think we can get involved?

When shall we start sowing seeds into punnets?

Where does the money come from for the seeds? What shall we sow?

Where shall they be kept and how do we look after them?


Team Solway 2017

Team Solway 2017

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