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  • Country Studies

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    Hey Guys Solway is all go for a country study project. I'd like to know what country you have chosen to study. Also, how do you think you can pull this all off. Let's find out! Explain below  what you are doing for country studies and...
  • Grow seedings to give away!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Get Sowing 'n Growing!   with a Community Support Project with: Te Hauora   There's a team of people (with Jo) from The Lighthouse Church who run Money Management Courses for anyone and everyone... Recently,...
  • Travel to South East Asia!

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    Adopt Tourism   as your Virtual Field Trip project   There's a tonne of fun with this project! Earn VIRTUAL CASH as a Virtual Travel Photo Journalist. Be a 'journalist' who virtually travels to Vietnam and...
  • Adopt an Orangutan

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    Operation Orangutan   with Katelyn, St Patrick's School.   Katelyn, a Y5 student from St Patrick's School is seriously into 'Saving the Orangutans' and has adopted two of them (for $120 each, each year). In...
  • Fill shoeboxes with gifts!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Adopt this project: Operation Christmas Child   Solway Primary - as a school, you've been involved with this programme since 2008. This year, a new round of challenges are up for grabs for you, as a Learn-Now...
Team Solway 2017

Team Solway 2017

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