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  • Competition Cafe!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson Comments (2)
    Your first competition can be found here. Good luck!  Amaze us with your journey!
  • The Quiz Zone

    Last updated by Jo Gibson Comments (6)
    Enjoy these quizzes! Earn 10 Euros or MORE per quiz you do. Scottish Food Scotland vs France (50Euros) Scottish Battles (10Euros)     French Food: Quiz 1 / Quiz 2
  • Team Wainuioru 2014

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Select your name below to enter your planning page  Your name however, will only be linked to that page if you have identified what you are doing. Your name will be in green below, if it's 'linked'. Leave a comment below to tell us your...
  • Attention Challenges!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Attention Challenges! Look out for this cuddly character. Challenge yourself to achieve as many  'Attention To Detail' (ATD) challenges as possible. This character will sit beside the ones we set up... You'll soon this character throughout...
  • Jo, Learn-Now and more...

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Hi everyone! I'm a teacher, with NZ and overseas experience, in the face-to-face and online education sector. I've got the privilege of wearing several hats... eTeacher / Teacher for Learn-Now; Area Coordinator for Samaritan's...
  • Weekly Messages

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Welcome to your Weekly Message board! Messages will pop up here, for you, each week. They'll guide you through the Thursday class work and be added to on Thursday nights if necessary, helping you figure out what to do at home, between our...
  • The Frontup4impact realities...

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    These are some of the challenges Learn-Now students face during their enrolment. Their extension and enrichment revolves around making their own mark on the world - now. Guided and facilitated through their journey, they learn to strategise and...
  • How's student involvement technically enabled?

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
      Read more... Any questions or comments?
  • Sharing our learning challenge

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    When I visited you last week I learned that lots of you really enjoy Minecraft.    So I wondered whether some of you could get together and figure out how to create a virtual cave tour.    Visitors could travel through a...
  • Things to do

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    View the menu (left) to access some starting points for you. But know this, we're just starting you out with ideas - the big idea is that you figure out what you can do. We're not here to spoon-feed you, just sow a few ideas and leave to it! With as...

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