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  • KidzConference

    Last updated by Jo Gibson Comments (2)
    What's here?   Your workshop allocation list - check out the workshops you get do to on KidzConference day. ...watch this space!
  • Our Solway School Webshow

    Last updated by Neve @ Solway 2017
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  • Vocabulary Extension with Sima

    Last updated by Sima
    Vocabulary with Sima Sima's introducing you to new terminology. Check out the vocab, learn the spelling and together, post definitions of all the words, as they relate to her topic, in the response areas. Grace has set up an...
  • Binary Coding - Try these...

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    a)  b) c) d) What are the binary numbers? eg: 00I00 = 4 Type your answer below...even if someone has already sent an answer. Don't just agree with them without working it out. If you agree type as much - if not, type the answer...
  • KidzConference 2017

    Last updated by Ingrid Blair Comments (17)
    Focus: Wednesday 29th March 2017   Learn-Now Leadership Training Opportunities Available   Partner with a Presenter: help lead a workshop as an assistant presenter. Create 'Downtime' Slideshows: for while...
  • The QUESTION Game,

    Last updated by Henry @ Wainuioru Comments (33)
    Here's The GAME   It's called: "What's The Question?"   Instead of being asked a question, we're going to flip this around, to train your brain to think in questions more often. We're going...
  • Recent News

    Last updated by Hunter @ Wainuioru
                  MRecent 2017 topics   Space Magic Space magic is now available for use in Elemental Wars, Trick or Treating In Hallowsville will be closing down on the fifth of...
  • Country Studies

    Last updated by Ella @ Solway Comments (4)
    Hey Guys Solway is all go for a country study project. I'd like to know what country you have chosen to study. Also, how do you think you can pull this all off. Let's find out! Explain below  what you are doing for country studies and...
  • Grow seedings to give away!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson
    Get Sowing 'n Growing!   with a Community Support Project with: Te Hauora   There's a team of people (with Jo) from The Lighthouse Church who run Money Management Courses for anyone and everyone... Recently,...
  • Travel to South East Asia!

    Last updated by Jo Gibson Comments (1)
    Adopt Tourism   as your Virtual Field Trip project   There's a tonne of fun with this project! Earn VIRTUAL CASH as a Virtual Travel Photo Journalist. Be a 'journalist' who virtually travels to Vietnam and...

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