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Operation Christmas Child KidzClub

Operation Christmas Child KidzClub

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 18

Brief description: ...fondly known as the 'Shoebox' project. Christmas gifts in a box...


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Do you have

a heart for helping?

If so, join

Operation Christmas Child

It's an international project...





This is an optional activity (ask your parents first).

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Open to any family, school, church, business - worldwide!

Want to join?


Want to join? 

YES Please?! 

If so, Cool CLICK HERE Cool


This includes, teachers, principals,
students, office managers, friends, visitors...

Collection day: by Labour Weekend
Where do you drop your boxes? Your school, or an area close to you. Check this site

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Where do the gift boxes go? Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

From the United Kingdom to here in New Zealand


What's to do here?

OCCM09.jpgBlog your journey through this project. Your first blog will just share your plan and that's good!  It's like the diary of good intent then!

Take part in discussions.
Make something for your chosen child to learn from! E.g if they're under 6, make them an alphabet or numbers chart, book or booklet... Jo's church has been given heaps of material - we want headbands, skirts and pencils made. Let Jo know if you'd like some material... Thanks