Team Solway 2019

Team Solway 2019

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 35

Brief description: The eClassroom for Solway Primary 2019.



Check out this link

for Friday 20th June's work.


Here's a guide for your Learn-Now session 'in class today'.

Enjoy...! Send me private messages if you need to share or query anything.

Thanks! Jo



Welcome to your

Virtual Study Lounge!

This is the online classroom space where you can be involved in Learn-Now, any time, any where - not just in Titoki at Solway Primary.

Click the 'Group Discussion' link
in the left menu, and scroll down for more!

See you 'all over the place' in here - ultimately. This is just one of the many spaces you'll be part of, coupled with offline realities as well - big time!


kidzconference 2020.jpg


Student Leaders


Never before has a Solway Primary lead time been involved in the planning for a KidzConference, a whole year ahead of the event!

So why now?  Because Learn-Now's taking a Student Directed Learning - and Leadership Programme to whole new level!  Now, welcome to an Event Management focus as well, with your Learn-Now work!

Go to our KidzConference Hub
to build this event!

Welcome to Learn-Now!

welcome aboard.jpgHello!
Welcome Aboard Term 2's Programme!

Welcome first to visiting Hannah and returnee Caitlyn! It's so cool to have you with us - we're that type of class where 'the more the merrier' is absolutely the case.

Term 2: What's going to happen?
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Where are the polls?

How do you find them all?

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Around the world in 80 days!

80 days

All aboard team!

You're off on a Virtual Tour

Around the World in 80 days!


You'll be a tour guide and a tourist!

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