Team Solway 2018

Team Solway 2018

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 22


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This is the Online Lounge (or eClassroom) for Solway Primary Students, Masterton. Consider this a 'HUB' for where learning will be guided. Check out what's below - and left.

This Online Lounge will have public and private spaces. Typically, the teachers material is public, but the student interaction will be private, to this 'group' of students (and their other teachers and principal) only.

Friday 9th - Thursday 15th March

Fish out of water.jpg Are you ready?

If you're ready to jump into a new environment, then take a look around! Scroll down and look left. 

This is your Learn-Now (online) lounge - or as some call it, an eClassroom (an electronic classroom).

Find where to chat, contribute and learn about friendships, see KidzConference updates and more! Cruise around - then share what you 'did' here.

Come with me to the Philippines!

Scenic pic.jpgI'm serious...

Come to the Philippines!

...join me as a Virtual Tourist and enjoy even being my Virtual Tour Guide. Get Virtual Pesos and Virtual Singapore Dollars for the work you do!

Tune in how this has come about
and start earning now...HERE

KidzConference: Your Workshops!


Workshops and more...


You've been allocated to your workshops!

If you chose Special Effects and Underwater Hockey - we're going to treat you these as a WHOLE Learn-Now team, after the KidzConference, as a thank-you for all the work you'll be involved in leading up to and including the day - of this event.

So, you get to enjoy more than just 3 workshops!
Check out the workshops you've been allocated

smiley HERE