Team Solway 2018

Team Solway 2018

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 34


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Hi Team Solway! Welcome to your Term 3, Learn-Now programme!
Visitors: This is the Online Lounge with both public and private spaces. Typically, our teachers material is public, but most of the student interaction is private.

Brief description: The HUB / Online Lounge for programme coordination for Solway Primary Students, Masterton, NZ.

Term 3

Fish out of water.jpgTerm 3

What's ahead of us this term?

The Mini Market; Brain Worx (learning about the brain), 3D art work, Special Effects, OCC, a $30,000 solar-light-to-poor-villages project and your call!

Mini Market 2018: Two weeks to go!

mini market stall.jpg

Mini Market 2018


Week 1: Write a letter home to explain it, work out the prices of every thing. Get a newsletter item done for the school newsletter. 

Week 2: Work out your float; each team to know what they're doing; labels for tables done; final shopping orders to Jo.

For more, go to the Mini Market centre here.

Hang out with Francois: Your Learn-Now 'Life Coach' educator.

Francois has new topics!


Nestled in Tauranga, he's still tuning in your questions

and has answered even more of them. 

1. Go to his i-Matter group and read his responses.

2. Your task: read several responses and interact back.

(Your Challenge: score 1 Bankaroo per detail contributed). 

Map work!

Location pinning on MapCustomiser!

$10 Bankaroo challenge: Where is the Headquarters for FreeRice?

Private message, or email Jo... First in 10 Buckaroos! Second in: 5 Buckaroos!


In Week 3, you'll get access to this 'tool' and be able to plot on specific 

locations featured in Learn-Now programming this year!



Load your points into Bankaroo.

Login is your usual login, and your usual 2018 password.



What's the time in Brazil, 12pm your time?

How many hours 'difference' is NZ from Brazil? 

How figure out also, why this looks like Brazil is so far from

NZ it's hard to see South America is our 'neighbour'. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 8.15.26 AM.png

Private message Jo your answer and she'll let you know how many Bankaroo's you score.