Disney Tsum Tsum

Disney Tsum Tsum

Owner: Phoebe @ Wainuioru

Group members: 18

Welcome to Disney Tsum Tsum
Owner= Phoebe @ Wainuioru 
Co-Owner= Grace @ Wainuioru
Head Tsum= Jada @ Wainuioru
Secondary Tsum= Priya @ Wainuioru

Over time, expect to find the following:
Tsum Of The Week
Tsum List
Featured Tsums
Fan Fictions!

YAY!! Thanks guy's!
Goal:15 members
The goal has been reached!
New Goal: 20 Members

Disney Tsum Tsum is a connection game where you connect the Tsums in a line that are all next to each other's, and you only have one minute to do it.

If you Joined The group, Please post on the wire:'I Joint Disney Tsum Tsum'

Newborn Tsums
Sarah @ Solway
Te Paea @ Solway
Ollie @ Wainuioru
Infant Tsums 
Sophie @ Wainuioru
Emiley @ Wainuioru
Summer @ Solway
Toddler Tsums
Tween Tsums
Issy @ Wainuioru
Charlotte @ Wainuioru
Teen Tsums
Zoe @ Wainuioru
Kristina @ Wainuioru
Annabel @ Wainuioru
Young Adult Tsums
Neve @ Solway
There guys, the higher up you are in ranks is how much responsibility you hold, as say Neve, you have a lot of responsibility, as your the highest in the ranks.

Brief description: Choose your tsum!!

Disney Tsum Tsum

Disney Tsum Tsum




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