Team Wainuioru 2017

Team Wainuioru 2017

Owner: Jo Gibson

Group members: 24


The eClassroom for students in Wainuioru School, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

Mini Market Reflection



to get the link to this form.


Solar Lamp Letter Recipients


CLICK HERE get to this spreadsheet.

Keep filling it up!

1500 solar lamps sponsored so far!



Visit Sima's Engineering Workshop

While Sima's a Chemical Engineer, she's very
keen to introduce you to engineering 'in general'.

When I googled 'types of engineering', I found 40 different university degrees for them!  It was fascinating! Check out some in Sima's ENGINEERING WORKSHOP.

Feedback / insight forms

Please complete these forms from Term 1

KidzConference feedback form - pic  Student insight form - pic  Reflection

Computer Engineering: Binary


The Binary Code

You've been introduced to it, you've had your brain messed with and you've conquered the code of someone trapped with it...

Now, if you 'don't use it - you'll lose it'!
So, keep practicing the art of it...

Figure out what Ollie and Sam have for you HERE.

Think in Questions.

questions.jpg Think in Questions

Smart kids give answers. Really smart kids

think and pose questions more instead. Training your

brain to go from smart to really smart is possible!

But first, why aim to get even smarter?

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What's the question?


What's The Question?

Play the game!

Train your brain...


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