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 designer.jpg Extension & enrichment for kids

Established in 2001, AEO's Learn-Now is a service for the primary and intermediate sector. Students from anywhere in the world can join for as little as a NZD$20.00 membership or NZD$75.00 per quarter. Individual, group or class packages are available. Students meet in person, and/or beam in via the internet with a coach (typically a registered NZ teacher). View more...

Ministry of Education, NZ

_3d guy on top of the world-transp.pngAssociative partnerships

    Since 2001, AEO Ltd, in association with Learn-Now, has partnered with the Ministry of Education... It's been the recipient of funded research programmes, contracted for advisory roles and referred for design, development and implementation roles. It's supported school programmes, with highly endorsed reference also by ERO, for services provided in schools. View more...

    Core Education, NZ

    3d road cone.jpg ESOL for Refugees & Migrants

    In 2009, AEO Ltd was referred by Senior eLearning Advisors at the Ministry of Education to develop an online ESOL programme. The target group: Y7-13 refugee and migrant students without qualified ESOL specialists in schools. AEO Ltd took part in the capacity as eLearning Advisor, design and developer, ePrincipal (shared role) and as current: Project Advisor with Core Education.

    Unitec, Auckland, NZ

     Instructional Designer

    3d guy studying.jpg

    Since 2014, AEO Ltd's been contracted by Unitec, as it began its journey to provide a range of online courses. Support's helping lecturers and facilitators move from lecture directed styles to flipped classroom and UDL-based courses, with blended learning approaches. Instructional design and Curriculum editing responsibilities are being provided... AEO Ltd's very keen to support other educational groups on the same journey.

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    yellow blob.jpg...insights to our

    Take a sneaky peek at the 2015 KidzConference

    Operation Christmas Child

     Gifts in a Shoebox

    3d xmas present.jpg

    A key volunteer of AEO Ltd is also a key sponsor and volunteer with the world's largest programme for children. With the role of Area Coordinator for the Greater Wellington Area and the Manawatu, partnerships are forming with schools, churches, universities, businesses, and individuals. Help us! Volunteers wanted for almost every level of the mission. To join: text Jo Gibson: 027 686 0140.

    AEO Ltd

    AEO Ltd

    A public insight. Who's actually all running this?

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