SOLWAY Primary 2016 Mini Market #1: PLANS

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Started by Jo Gibson 29 Jul 2016 1:23pm () Replies (6)

bright ideasPLAN

Your 'Lightbulb' Bright Ideas below


Share your idea with as much detail as you can.

  • Tell us the cost of your idea and how you'll run it.
  • What gear will you need and what help will you need?


  • Rion@Solway (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2016 2:03pm ()

    I think I will sale hot chocolates for 2 dollars .I will need a birista coffee machine,milk hot chocolate powder, and mashmallows.

    Also I might sale drawings for 50 cents each or 1 dollar 50 for 4.

    Another idea is making cards for occasions like birthdays or thank-you cards for 1 dollar 50 each.I will need light cards .

    Also I might do a raffle and ask all the other stalls if they can donate something for the raffle the raffle tickets will be 1 dollar and the winner will get the package of donated goods.

  • Marshall@Solway (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2016 2:37pm ()



  • Jamie @ Solway (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2016 2:47pm ()

    Marshall Chloe and my Stall we are going to do a stall there are 3 tennis balls and you have to throw the tennis balls into a clown mouth.Every 3 balls costs 1 dollar.We are also going to have a few stencils were we can spray different shapes of hair paint into your hair.We are also selling heaps of pencils.

  • Olivia @ Solway (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2016 6:57pm ()

    Me and Sophie are going to have a stall with a game called fire in the hole where you throw a ball into a hoop and move back more times.  Each goal gives you one point and if you get 5 or over points you get a prize.

    We sell homemade lemonade and orange juice.

    The other things we sell is homemade fudge and choc chip banana muffins.


    Game $1 per minute

    Drink $1 per drink

    Food $1.50 eachcheeky 

  • Olivia @ Solway (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2016 6:59pm ()

    the prize will be like maybe a pencil-case or something like thatenlightened


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