Singapore and the Philippines - here I come!

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By Jo Gibson

Something worth blogging about...


Three months ago, I was asked to help a team of people in Singapore, build an Online English Language Learning Centre. Who for? People in China, Japan, Kazakhstan and Indonesia...

How did something like this come about? There's a Singaporean couple who live part-time in NZ (Masterton) and part-time in Singapore, who've tuned in that I'm right into online learning styles of education.

For what seems like forever now, I've found myself living in the heart of what's now a goregous mix of sooo many years of experience and opportunities... For along time, I've been working with people who don't speak English, but need to learn it - and with people who want to connect with each other all over the world.

Travelling is something I absolutely love doing - and better still, I love sharing it with kids! I've got the job of heading to the Philippines to work with English language learning experts who are ready to teach online. I get to teach them how - and hang out with them!

As I go about my trip, I'm going to share it with you.
Get to see what I eat, what I buy, what I see, who my new friends are, what schools are like over there and what else?  You tell me!

Right now - I've just had the trip given the go-ahead. Next up, is coordinating my flights with the NZ-Singapore couple who are back in Singapore - so we get on the same plane to the Philippines together. Curious to know how much this will cost? What airline I'll fly on?  Then join me as a 'Virtual Tourist' - come along with me - follow and interact as much as you can! 

Feel very free to contribute also...

Find out for me, what kind of foods I'm likely to be eating...
How many pesos will I get for NZD100 ($100 NZ money)...
Will my cell phone work over there...? I'm a Spark customer...

To tune me in to what I could see, eat, and do some googling around and share what you discover below, in the COMMENTS section (you needed to be an official logged in user though, to get access to that area).

Thanks heaps!


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