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    Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

    Here's some news for you: Learn-Now is OPEN 24/7!

    You can take part in Learn-Now activities anytime you're allowed.

    This is a school based programme and something for HOME!


    Our challenge for you, is to BLOG your experience with Learn-Now, for 'VIRTUAL CASH'!  This is a WORK, to EARN and SAVE (or SPEND and/or INVEST) activity. If you talk about Learn-Now in the car, on the way home, or over dinner etc, that's worth blogging about! If you fill 1-2-3+ bowls of rice - that's worth blogging about! 

    If you have a connection with a student from Wainuioru School, or Whareama School for example, that's worth blogging about!  Whatever you do that's Learn-Now'ish in style, outside our class time, blog about it. We want to know - celebrate - pay you for what you do and heaps more.


    See the 'Group blog' link (left menu)?

    Click it - once in, find the 'Add blog post' button and blog away!




Team Solway 2017

Team Solway 2017

The 24/7 eClassroom for Team Solway students, Masterton.